NRCL - Cultivars of litchi


  • This is an early season cultivar
  • Trees are vigorous with regular bearing
  • Fruits are globose-heart or obtuse shape
  • Moderately prone to cracking (8.24%)
  • Fruit weight 22-26 g
  • Pulp recovery is 65 to 70 % with TSS 19-21 degree Brix
  • Yield 140-150 kg per tree
Shahi Leaf Shahi Fruit


  • This is a mid to late season cultivar
  • Plant is vigorous but tends to alternate bearing
  • Heavy bunch bearing (20-25 fruits per bunch)
  • Pulp recovery is 60-67 %
  • Fruits weight 22-26 g
  • Seeds are bold in size
  • Less prone to cracking (4.17%)
  • Yield 150-160 kg per tree
China Leaf China Fruit

Rose Scented

  • Popular in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh
  • Trees are very vigorous
  • The fruits have distinct aroma
  • Fruits are medium to large, weighing 20-22 g, sweet with TSS 21-23 degree Brix
  • Fruits are moderately susceptible to sunburn and cracking
  • Yield 80-90 kg per tree
Rose Scented Fruit


  • Trees are vigorous
  • Matures in the last week of May to first week of June
  • Fruits are large (22-26 g) and produced in cluster
  • Pericarp is thick, very rough and has attractive bright red colour
  • TSS of fruits 19 degree Brix and acidity 0.43 per cent when ripe
Mandraji Fruit


  • Fruits are large (23-25 g) and produced in large clusters
  • Matures in the third week of May
  • Peel is thick, very rough with attractive bright red colour
  • Fruits are egg-round to lopsided heart-shaped with uneven shoulder and fruit tip is distinctly pointed
  • Pulp is soft, juicy with pleasant flavour, having TSS 19-20 degree Brix and 0.44 per cent acidity
  • Fruits are less susceptible to cracking
Purbi Fruit


  • The trees are vigorous.
  • The colour of fruit is carmine red.
  • Pulp is greyish-white, sweet, soft and juicy
  • Fruit has TSS 17-20 degree Brix, 11% total sugar and 0.45 % acidity
  • Seeds are elongated, smooth with 2.3 cm length, 1.6 cm width and weighs 3.4 g
  • Average yield is 80-90 kg per tree
Bombai Fruit


  • This has a medium vigorous tree
  • Fruits are medium in size weighing 15-20 g
  • Fruits possess oblique-heart to conical shape with bright rose pink colour
  • The pulp is greyish-white, soft, and moderately juicy with TSS 18 degree Brix, 10.4 % sugar and 0.44 % acidity
  • Highly susceptible to sunburn and cracking
  • Fruit yield is 80-90 kg per tree
Dehradun Fruit

Early Seedless

  • Medium yielding (50-60 kg per tree) but regular bearing
  • Pulp (aril) is creamy white, soft, juicy and sweet containing 17-20 degree Brix TSS
  • Seed is very small, shrunken, glamorous and dirty chocolate in colour
  • Overall fruit quality of the cultivar is good
Early Seedless Fruit


  • It has pink floral disc which is distinct from Shahi
  • Fruits are red in colour, weighing 18-21 g
  • This cultivar is highly prone to cracking
  • Yield 80-100 kg per tree
Ajhauli Fruit


Gandaki Sampada

  • It is a selection from Pantnagar
  • Fruit mature late during mid-June
  • Fruits are conical in shape with vermilion to carmine colour at maturity
  • Fruits are large in size weighing 35-42 g
  • Pulp is creamy-white, soft and juicy
  • Cracking resistant
  • Pulp recovery is 80 to 85 per cent
  • Yield 120-140 kg per tree
Gandaki Sampada Fruit

Gandaki Yogita

  • It is a selection from Ranchi
  • Trees are dwarf in stature and suitable for closer planting
  • Fruit mature late and ripens in mid-July
  • The pulp recovery is 70-75 per cent
  • Possess melting texture with pleasant aroma and good blend of sugar and acid
  • Yield 70-80 kg per tree
Gandaki Yogita Fruit

Gandaki Lalima

  • It is a selection from Ranchi
  • A late maturing cultivar ripens in the second week of June
  • Trees are moderately vigorous
  • Fruit weighs 28-32 g
  • Pulp is creamy white in colour, sweet (TSS 18–19 degree brix), soft and juicy with good flavour
  • Pulp recovery is above 60 per cent
  • It has good shelf life
  • Yield 130-140 kg per tree
Gandaki Lalima Fruit