NRCL - Value added products of litchi

Litchi is a highly perishable fruit. Farmers are bound to sell harvested litchi immediately before the fruit turns brown and becomes unmarketable. Also, there is no staggered harvesting in litchi, and the whole tree is normally harvested at one go. This, coupled with the highly perishable nature of the fruit, results in glut and even distress sale among growers. Besides, litchi is available only for a short period during the summer months. These problems can be overcome by processing the fruit into various products.

Litchi growers can easily prepare different processed products of litchi by adopting simple food safety and processing guidelines using locally available resources. Processed products can be preserved for a longer time; thereby, processing not only extends the period of availability of the fruit but also allows for realising good income commensurate to market demand. Fruit processing generates employment, increases income, and helps reduce huge postharvest losses. By adopting simple methods of food processing and preservation, farmers can protect themselves from the risk and uncertainties of handling perishables fruit, increase income, and improve livelihood conditions. ICAR-NRC on Litchi has developed technical knowhow for preparation of different value added products mentioned below, which can be licensed/purchased from the Postharvest Section of the Centre.

Litchi pulp

Litchi Pulp

  • Homogenized juice of litchi fruit pulp
  • Litchi pulp is used in preparation of beverages like squash, nectar, RTS, cordial etc.
  • Permitted class-II preservative added
  • Store in air-tight containers of convenient size
  • Storage life up to one year under refrigerated conditions
Litchi pulp

Litchi Squash

  • Contains litchi pulp (25% v/v), TSS (40ºB), acidity (0.8%), permitted class-II preservative and stabilizer
  • Diluted before consumption
  • Best before 4 months
  • Keep in refrigerator after breaking seal and consume within 2-3 days
Litchi pulp

Litchi RTS

  • Ready-to-Serve fruit beverage
  • Contains litchi pulp (10% v/v), TSS (10ºB), acidity (0.3%), and stabilizer
  • Store under refrigerated conditions
  • Storage up to 4 months
Litchi pulp

Litchi Wine

  • Alcoholic product prepared through anaerobic fermentation of litchi fruit pulp
  • Contains 10-12% alcohol
  • Product retains flavour of litchi
Litchi pulp

Canned Litchi

  • Litchi aril preserved in sugar syrup inside air-tight glass bottle
  • No chemical preservative added
  • Best before 1 year
Litchi pulp

Litchi Honey

  • Litchi honey is obtained by processing raw honey collected from litchi orchards
  • Contains > 78ºB TSS
Litchi pulp

Dehydrated Litchi Pulp

  • Prepared through osmo-mechanical dehydration
  • Packed in air-tight packaging
  • Stored in cool and dry conditions
  • Storage life > 1 year under refrigerated conditions
Litchi pulp

Litchi Nut

  • Whole litchi fruit is dried
  • Product is packed in air-tight packaging
  • Storage life > 1 year