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Litchi: Preventive Practices and Curative Measures
  • Hari Shankar Singh
  • Vishal Nath
  • Abha Singh
  • Sheshdhar Pandey
Publisher: Satish Serial Publishing House, New Delhi (2012)
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The Litchi
  • Gorakh Singh
  • Vishal Nath
  • S. D. Pandey
  • P. K. Ray
  • H. S. Singh
Publisher: Food and agriculture Organization of the United Nations, New Delhi, India (2012)
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Chap-1: Importance and distribution
Chap-2: Climate and soil
Chap-3: Cultivar and genetic enhancement
Chap-4: Plant propagation
Chap-5: Establishing the orchard
Chap-6: High density planting
Chap-7: Care of the young orchard
Chap-8: Tree growth, flowering and fruiting
Chap-9: Nutritional requirement
Chap-10: Water requirement and irrigation
Chap-11: Orchard floor management
Chap-12: Ensure regular bearing
Chap-13: Canopy management and rejuvenation
Chap-14: Insect pest management
Chap-15: Diseases
Chap-16: Physiological disorders
Chap-17: Fruit maturity and harvest
Chap-18: Post harvest handling and storage
Chap-19: Processing and value addition
Chap-20: Marketing and production economics
  • गोरख सिंह
  • विशाल नाथ
  • शेषधर पाण्डेय
प्रकाशक: संयुक्त राष्ट्र के खाद्य एवं कृषि संगठन, नई दिल्ली (2013)
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लीची की खेती
  • राजेश कुमार
Publisher: Astral Publication, New Delhi (2014)
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