NRCL - Infrastructure

Genetic Resource Management and Crop Improvement

S. No. Name of Equipment Model / Make
1 Trinocular Compound microscope Leica
2 Stereobinocular microscope DeWinter
3 Leaf Area Meter Spectra
4 Horizontal Electrophoresis set with power pack Spectra
5 Autoclave
6 Deep Fridge Optics Technology
7 B.O.D. Incubator Caltar
8 Laminar air flow cabinet (Vertical) Optics Technology
9 Electronic/precision Balance AND GH252
10 Hot air oven Optics Technology

Crop Production

S. No. Name of Equipment Model / Make
1 Nitrogen Analyzer Pelicon
2 AAS Agilent Technology
3 UV Vis Spectrophotometer Agilent Technology
4 Flame Photometer Systronics
5 Drip Irrigation Facilities Jain Irrigation Ltd
6 Modern Propagation Structures Rajdeep Agro
7 Computer facilities
8 Hi Precision Balance

Crop Protection

S. No. Name of Equipment Model / Make
1 Trinocular phase-contrast upright research microscope Nickon/ H600L
2 Stereo binocular microscope DeWinter
3 B.O.D. Incubator Caltar
4 Table Top centrifuge REMI
5 Vertical Autoclave MAC/MicroScientific
6 Hot air oven Sanco
7 Deep Fridge Optics Technology
8 Precision Balance Mettler Toledo/ ML802
9 Fridge LG
10 Vacuum Pump Tarson
11 Multiparameter PCS tester Eutech
12 Digital caliper Precision measuring Instrument
13 Microwave Oven LG
14 Hot Plate Optics Technology

Post-harvest Management and Value Addition

S. No. Name of Equipment Model / Make
1 Modified Atmospheric PackagingUnit VAC-STAR
2 Hydro-cooling system Ambala Associate
3 Forced-air cooling system Celfrost (Professional)
4 Litchi grading Machine SANCO
5 Plastic strip sealing and packaging machine
6 Litchi Peeling Machine
7 Cold Storage Chamber Blue Star
8 B.O.D. Incubator
9 Cool chamber
10 Heating, cooling, humidity controller AICL
11 Digital Lab. Hot Plate TANCO
12 Electronic/precision Balance AICOSET
13 Bottle Washing machine MAC
14 Orbital incubator shaker SANCO
15 Digital Hand Refractometer ATAGO
16 Hot air oven SANCO
17 Hand Stacker Jet Tech-neck (TMST)
18 Defreeze Vista Biocell
19 Digital oven TANCO
20 Microprocessor pH meter Spectra analytical
21 Digital balance Wcom
22 Micro oven LG
23 Refrigerator Godrej